Linguistics Tools borderThere are so many great online resources that you can use with students to enrich your English Language classroom, and in this series we’ll look at 4 very accessible and useful tools. You’ll learn about each one through a watch-on-demand video and in your own time do a hands-on activity you can use in your classroom. Finally, join us on 27th July 4pm-5pm for a live group seminar, where you’ll have the chance to ask questions and gather more ideas for use in the classroom. The live session will be recorded and added to the course files, and all resources will be available until 31 Decemer 2020. The tools are linked to the Areas of Study and come with step-by-step video instructions and contextualising information.

  • MRI IPA: Look inside people’s heads as they pronounce all the sounds in the IPA
  • Linguistics Roadshow: Tracking Australian regionalisms
  • Google N-grams viewer: Track the popularity of words over time
  • ELAN: Transcribing audio and video

Lauren GawnePresenter: Lauren Gawne is a lecturer in Linguistics at La Trobe University. Lauren’s research focuses on the use of gesture in conversation, internet English and the use of Emoji, and the grammar of Tibetan languages in Nepal. Lauren is also passionate about sharing linguistics with wider audiences through her blog Superlinguo, By Lingo, a column for ‘The Big Issue’ about the history of English words, and the podcast Lingthusiasm, which she co-hosts with Gretchen McCulloch. 

Cost: $99 including GST.

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